Adidas VIP Room Book cover and Internal page design

Adidas VIP Book

Create a showcase book to explain the backstory of the VIP Room exhibition that ran during the London 2012 Olympic Games. test

I was asked by Four23 to design the printed book to go alongside the adidas originals room in the flagship Oxford Road store in London. The book tied into Project32, part of adidas’s London 2012 olympic games campaign. Project32 selected 32 people from London with extraordinary talents and gave them a chance to “take the stage".

Adidas VIP Room book inside cover design

Adidas VIP Book Statement page design

Jonathan, a designer was given free range to design the originals room however he liked. The purpose of the book was to tell the story of Jonathan, alongside the history of the adidas brand from its origins with Jesse Owens through to the 2012 games.

I was given access to a range of assets from photography of the different events leading up to the rooms launch, as well as the notes and sketches from Jonathan. This allowed me to see the journey from start to finish. From this starting point I decided to clearly section each stage, gradually making the page layout more refined to show a progression from initial ideas through to the finished VIP Room.