Fall Protection Brand Identity

Creating a new identity to reflect Fall Protection's professional reputation in the safety industry.

Fall Protection have been serving the construction industry for over a decade. They pride themselves on providing an efficient, professional and quality service to ensure that building sites are as safe as possible for their clients. I was asked to create a new brand identity that would reflect their business acumen. 

To develop the Fall Protection brand I visited their warehouse to gain a through understanding of their equipment and how they work with their clients. It was also a good opportunity to discover more about the their heritage and how they are perceived by their customers. During the meeting there were a few key details that helped to develop the direction for the brand. Firstly, the safety decking was their most recognisable service. and secondly they were aware of a strong association with the colour red from their clients.

Developing a visual identity

I developed a number of initial logo concepts iterating from sketches through to rough mock ups on screen to demonstrate the concepts to the Fall Protection team. This allowed them to share early concepts to gauge how the brand could look and get initial feedback from people in their industry.

The final logo concept was developed as a visual representation of the decking in-situ within a partially constructed building.  I chose to use an isometric viewpoint to reflect the technical aspect of the construction industry, then reduced the forms down to keep the logo simple for scalability and to ensure a clean and professional style was used.

After getting feedback on the initial concepts to make sure the proposed designs were heading in the right direction I worked to develop a more cohesive identity system that work across different applications, ensuring every application maintained a consistent look and feel. 

A slightly muted colour palette was chosen. This allowed a strong contrast in the two brand colours while still maintaining a modern professional look. The typography also supported this using a Avenir. A clean sans serif font set with moderate kerning.

Brand Application

Fall protection were provided with a full set of stationery as well as invoice templates to ensure that every point of contact was consistent and on brand. Vehicle graphics were also provided to make sure the new identity was present on the construction sites they work with.

Mike was great to work with and took a professional approach from the start. He was attentive, approachable and came up with great logo ideas, including concepts beyond what i'd first imagined for the fall protection brand. His ideas gave new insight into how the brand could evolve and stand out from the competition. Mike worked to my brief and we collaborated, communicating regularly to achieve a design that I'm very happy with.
John McGowan | Fall Protection Director