Fred Perry Subculture App

Fred Perry Subculture provides its followers with the latest independent music and news from its ever growing artist roster.

This project started initially as a response to a 2009 D&AD brief to create a viral marketing campaign to promote Fred Perry Subculture and its music venue Club 100. I was relatively new to user experience and interaction design, with the big trend in app design being skeuomorphism.

The initial idea was to use near field technology  to send push notifications to help promote the app and the artists. This was before constant connectivity with a mobile device was common, however the base idea of using an app to distribute music still held, so I decided to revisit the project after gaining a lot more experience in digital design.

Developing a user experience 

There are multiple music player apps available so the challenge for this project was to differentiate from the standard music player. The Fred Perry Subculture brand is closely associated with music subcultures. Their target audience is highly engaged with the fashions and lifestyles that go with them. With this knowledge I decided to use the app to allow users to stay connected with music community as well listen to music. 

The intention of the app is to provide a central hub of content provided by Subculture and allow the user to discover on their own terms. There are a number of ways users can do this. The news feed would provide curated content based on the users likes and dislikes, suggesting relevant and up to date content while the radio would provide playlists from featured contributors, such as artists, subculture icons and staff writers.  This type of content aims to involve the user in the music and wider subculture community by channeling them down to the artist's most relevant to them as well as providing new suggestions.

Users can also be proactive about discovering music by using the artist or genre feature, which provides a more structured way to view the Subculture artists. The list was designed to let users quickly access a certain type of music then discover artist within that category, or to browse the full artist roster.

Connecting users with the music

Once at the artist level it was important to allow the user to continue to engage and discover more easily. Users can create their own playlist here as well as rate and share the music which helps to improve the connections the app makes for the user in the future. Users can also keep up to date with a specific artist as content such as press releases, news and tour dates would be collated and provided into a news feed for each artist.