Objective Magazine

Objective is a highly curated collection of in-depth writing, reporting and opinion pieces to inspire deeper thinking.

Objective was an editorial project set at Falmouth University. The only restriction was the name. Everything else we could decide ourselves. I opted to take the objective brand into the high end of magazine design to allow myself to properly explore the challenges of art direction.

Developing a house style

I defined the target audience as well read, critically thinking and appreciative of a clean aesthetic. The content would be varied in topic with an abundance of long form features and articles such as photo journals and studies. This meant the grid would need to be flexible enough to build multiple page designs while still maintaining a coherent and uniform look. 

I used subtle graphical details to build a house style throughout the magazine that would contain page and article details. The image layout would complement this to provide a clean and clear structure to the page.  I chose Alegreya Sans as the primary font. Alegreya is a humanist font, that has a subtle hint of calligraphy to add character. The font paired with a monotone colour scheme maintains legibility throughout the pages.

By maintaining a consistent style applied to a flexible grid I was able to create different layouts for featured articles are regular features. This allowed a degree of freedom and creativity to combine text, imagery and graphical devices to support the writing. 

Expanding the Objective offering

I also developed Objective iPad edition, a digital version of the magazine to allow for greater exposure as well as allowing the magazine to capitalise on rich media and dynamic content.